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Million Worth of Justin Bieber-Endorsed Rendered Obsolete Wholesale Bikini

جمعه 21 مهر 1396

Million Worth of Justin Bieber-Endorsed Rendered Obsolete Wholesale Bikini

Justin Bieber, flaunting. lingerie china Photo: Calvin Klein Raf Simons is making his hugely anticipated debut as creative director at Calvin Klein next week at New York Fashion Week. In the run-up to the February 10th runway show, he quietly dropped a lookbook of new Calvin Klein made-to-measure items, and today, the brand revealed a new logo.

It’s basically the Wholesale Bikini Wholesale Bikini same, but kind of different? Maybe? The letters are mostly capitals instead of mostly lowercase. Art director and graphic designer Peter Saville is the man behind the sleek, skinny black and white letters, and for the most part, it’s all great and chic.

The change does, however, render the brand’s logo-heavy underwear — on which Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner fans reportedly spent nearly $69 million last year — obsolete. The cotton briefs and bras currently lining the walls of your local Urban Outfitters, featuring elastic bands stamped with the now-old logo, are now old, but still too new to be vintage.

Even before hiring Raf Simons (previously of Dior and Jil Sander) to be the brand’s creative director, Calvin Klein gave itself a makeover by hiring Jenner and Bieber to appeal to millennials — and it worked. In May, Calvin Klein’s parent company PVH Corp. CEO Manny Chirico said the 13 percent growth in the North American wholesale business, from $654 million to $723 million (a $69 million difference), was mostly due to increased underwear sales.

So while probably frustrating for anyone who invested heavily in Calvin Klein underwear in 2016, it’s actually kind of brilliant to change the logo and make everyone spend $69 million all over again.

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The Art of Retail: An Interview with Wholesale Corsets

جمعه 21 مهر 1396

The Art of Retail: An Interview with Wholesale Corsets

We sexy lingerie supplier recently had the pleasure of speaking with Simon Lister, marketing manager of the UK-based clothing and footwear retailer End Clothing. Created in 2005, End Clothing started out as a cozy 2-story shop on High Bridge in Newcastle stocking some of the world’s finest streetwear, sportswear, casual and outdoor wear, along with a bit of fashion. Since its humble beginnings, End has evolved from a relaxed shop tucked away in North East England to a detailed operation consisting of 2 distinct retail shops as well as a comprehensive online store carrying everything from A.P.C. to VISVIM, all while staying true to their original goals and vision.

With both a physical presence and online Wholesale Sexy Underwear store we went ahead and asked Mr. Lister a few questions regarding End in hopes of gaining insight into the store’s success and operation. Take a look below for the full interview.

You run 2 retail locations, what are the advantages and disadvantages to running an online store?

End opened its door in 2005. We are located on High Bridge which is a small cobbled street in the City Centre that runs in-between Grey Street (voted the finest street in Britain a few years back) and the Bigg Market (notorious drinking epicentre in the city). In 2006 we launched the website and in the autumn of 2009 we opened End Hunting Co. which is just 2 doors down from the original End store. The website covers all of our brands, whereas the stores are set up to represent different lines. So in End we stock the sneakers, street wear and high-end sportswear, and End Hunting Co is the more casual, outdoors, fashion brands.

The clear advantage to having an online store is the full representation of all our brands in one place, along with the worldwide customer base that we can tap into. Obviously not every guy in the world is into sneakers or Japanese brands etc. so the online store allows us to reach the pockets of people across the globe that are into the product / brands we sell. It’s always great to see orders coming in from all corners of the globe. Other than the logistics of packaging and shipping when we first started out, we don’t really see any downsides of representing our store online.

How do you manage to stand out in a sea of online stores and how do you stay on top?

The values for the store are simple: to stock the best products with the friendliest and most helpful service. In order to differentiate ourselves from the crowd, our buyers source products and brands from far and wide. Over the last couple of seasons we’ve tried to focus in on more high-end exclusive products and Japanese brands to feature alongside our fashion and street-wear ranges. We try to generally buy deep into collections and brands. If we are into a brand, we like to represent them as fully as we can.

What is your background and what did you do before running the store? / Who chooses the featured designers?

The buyers / directors behind End are Christiaan and John. They started the first store pretty much fresh out of University and are still involved in the company every day and are responsible for all of our buying. Neither had a background in fashion, they simply saw a gap in the market for a menswear store through their own frustration with the lack of brands available here in Newcastle.

How do you decide which new brands to stock?

We try and go to all the major tradeshows throughout the year and we listen to what our customers are telling us both in-store and online. Ultimately everyone that works here is pretty obsessed with menswear so there is never a shortage of new brands to check out and ideas to push things forward.

Do customers often return? Why do you think that is?

We have a really good level of customer retention. The feedback we receive from the customers indicates that we stock a range of brands that they want and our service / delivery is up there with the best. Obviously we are human and do occasionally make mistakes but the important point is to communicate with customers and be transparent with them. For these reasons customers come back to us.

Are most of your customers based in Europe? How do you attract customers from the US?

We have a strong UK / European customer base. However since launching the endclothing site last year we are seeing a growing customer base in Russia, Hong Kong and the USA.

Do you work with any local brands or designers and how do they fare in the global market?

We have a really great relationship with Nigel Cabourn. We work closely with both him and his team. He’s a local designer who lives and works just a mile away from the stores. He has a really strong local following and customer base, and online his collections always sell very well for us.

What are your favorite picks at the moment?

Our long standing relationship with British shoemakers Tricker’s continues to go from strength to strength, and our sixth collaborative ‘special make ups’ with the brand showcases why the Northampton-based craftsmen are so highly regarded. Our latest styles are modelled on two of Tricker’s more celebrated profiles; the Bourton Derby Brogue and the Stow Brogue Derby Boot. Both are supremely constructed using Goodyear welting, with carefully considered materials – such as cavalier and calf leather – and finished luxuriously with outdoor-inspired lacing, metal eyelets and a lugged commando sole for maximum grip in bad weather. Each shoe features a cotton twill heel tab in either red, white or blue, in recognition of Tricker’s place as a true British institution.

Also, we work closely with the team at New Balance regularly visiting their UK factory in Flimby where the ‘Made in the UK’ range is produced. It is great to be able to support quality English manufacturing and the care and workmanship that goes into the shoes is unbeaten. They have a solid heritage and pedigree in running and a fantastic lifestyle approach and attitude to well-designed product.

CHUP make the best socks, which are frankly perfect for cold Northern winters and brightening up the dark mornings. They look great with any pair of boots and are made by Japanese textile experts Glen Clyde, crafted using the finest materials.

What do you think will be popular next season?

We try not to deal or think too much in trends, it’s not really our thing. Instead we like to concentrate and focus on strong products / brands which have a solid quality and aesthetic that will stand the test of time and outlast seasonal fads.

How do you bring the level of intimacy and care so well-maintained in your brick and mortar shops to your online store?

It’s always difficult to convey a personal touch online. The hurdle for any online store is that the customer can’t touch, feel or try on the items. We try to get around this by using good photography and accurate description / sizing information, plus a hassle-free returns policy. Good communication and engaging with customers makes them feel valued, and we’ll happily chat to anyone who rings us and talk them through any products to help them with their purchases.

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Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Gift Ideas

جمعه 21 مهر 1396

Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Gift Ideas

Its Christmas and time for us to start wholesale Christmas costumes our annual gift suggestions that will hopefully motivate you to give the gift of gorgeous lingerie for your partner, friend or relative.

Today corset skirts sets we kick off with knickers so check out 10 fabulous gift ideas for Xmas 2015. Don't forget to let us know your favourites in the comments.

Empreinte Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie Cassiopee Shorty

Our first choice is a gorgeous pair of shorty knickers from Empreinte called Cassiopee that are absolutely delightful to look at. We love the delicate lace embroidery and they're cut slightly high at the thigh to give a very seductive look. Sizes are from XXS – XXL and the price is currently £49. Buy online from Je Te Veux.

Eyelash Lace Panty

Our second choice would make a very affordable gift for a friend or relative. Made by Canadian brand Coquette these little briefs are covered in lovely eyelash lace on the back and have two little bows at the front that makes them very pretty. The price is very affordable at £11.99 so perfect as a stocking filler and sizes are One Size or Plus Size. Buy online from Cheeky Secrets.

Cherry Blossom Red Briefs

Here's a very original and elegant pair of knickers called Cherry Blossom from independent UK designer Guerrilla Geisha. We love the print and the figure hugging cut but what stands out for us is the cute little buttons on the front. They fit from 6 – 12 and are available is a large range of colours. You can buy direct from Guerrillla Geisha.

Roza Carmen Thong

Here's another very affordable choice that would be a great gift for a friend or relative. Made by Rosa this thong arrives in either black or white and the reason for choosing them is the cute little cut-out on the hip and the lovely embroidery. Sizes are from small – XL and the price is currently £12.99. You can buy online from Caressa Lingerie.

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Moulin costume manufacturer Rouge Inspires Miss Mandalay

جمعه 21 مهر 1396

Moulin costume manufacturer Rouge Inspires Miss Mandalay

This years Xmas plus size red lingerie offerings from Miss Mandalay have been inspired by the Moulin Rouge so you'll find sexy, seductive and feminine pieces with lace, frills and green !leopard print

Designed by lingerie expert Lorraine Morton cheap lace lingerie the collection is perfect for bigger busts with styles available up to H cup.

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Wholesale Bikini and lingerie China

شنبه 7 مرداد 1396

Jessica lingerie china Simpson under fire for sharing photo of daughter in bikini

Just days after the internet lost Wholesale Bikini its collective mind because David Beckham kissed daughter Harper on the lips, the internet police are offering their helpful parenting advice to Jessica Simpson, who shared a picture of her 5-year-old daughter Maxwell in a bikini.

Another said, "She's a doll but with all the crazies on social media Wholesale Corsets , not sure it's the best picture to post of your little girl," one person wrote.

You might think she was talking about paedophiles, but she could just as easily have been talking about the people with nothing better to do than tell celebrities that they're awful people.

"Put some clothes on that kid," said one bossy commenter who has clearly never been to the beach. "People can download this photo and have it themselves, do you really want that?"

"These pictures should be kept private and NOT POSTED to social media," wrote another critic who felt this situation serious enough to introduce capitalisation to illustrate their point. "Parents should never post pictures of their children, especially girls, in swimming attire or underwear."

Jessica had her defenders too, of course. That's what we love about the internet.

One supporter wrote, "Why is Jessica Simpson being blamed for the creeps of the world? A mama can't try to predict what will set a creep off, all she can do is love and be true to her babies."

Another summed it up succinctly, "Cute picture. Live your life. Don't live in fear due to crazies in the world."

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sexy lingerie supplier and Wholesale Sexy Underwear

شنبه 7 مرداد 1396

Malaysian Pop Legend sexy lingerie supplier Yuna Stocks and shares the Secrets to Her Impressive Head Headband Game

When you haven't Wholesale Sexy Underwear but heard of Yuna—born Yunalis Sleeping pad Zara'ai—you'll immediately hear her everywhere. After the recent relieve of her new solo recorded in collaboration with Usher, Grind, the Malaysian-born, L. A. -based singer-songwriter is getting ready to release a fresh album, Chapters, in May, made using a host of The movies super-producers. The particular describes her sound simply because vibe-y—a great mix. Plus the same information applies to Yuna's distinctive loveliness look, which will, with its nods to her Malaysian Muslim customs, isn't really like anything the mainstream go crazy and R& B planets have seen ahead of. She is, simply because concisely summed up by simply her Instagram bio, various kind of modern day woman.

Much comes across quickly in her omnipresent brain Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie scarves, or perhaps hijabs—a certainly demure affirmation in what previously feels like 12 months of the bare selfie. I do believe in modesty, so I cover myself, Yuna explains. It could gaining a whole lot of popularity with hijabi manner bloggers. So i'm no unlike those young girls, except I just make music. Though Yuna didn't expand up using one—she represents her local country simply because more at the liberal area and quotes about half the Muslim women of all ages in Malaysia sport these people by choice—she made the decision to take some action around a ten years ago, and already keeps a huge selection of styles in her daily rotation. It has become a part of myself immediately, states. When I wear it, I feel self-assured. A lot of people believe it's a symbolic representation of oppression. But it's liberating, essentially.

Part of that sense of empowerment wholesale underwear China with the way a head headband shifts concentration toward a woman's cosmetic features, Yuna explains. You're here protecting the identity to be a woman. You're here protecting the magic, you already know? Yet the particular refuses to evaluate anyone to find doing usually: On the other end of the variety there are girls that believe in exhibiting your body, and that is fine, also, she says. It could an interesting a chance to see persons embracing variances.

It's a temperament Yuna would want to see associated with in her own customs. You know ideal weird? states. A lot of Southeast Cookware girls feel that being fair-skinned is exquisite. So that they always use whitening goods. I was do not ever considered exquisite back home. Simply because hard simply because that is to trust, Yuna is certainly using her fame to be sure her knowledge won't be repeated across many years. When I acquired here [to M. A. ], a lot of people had been so curious by my own features. I do think that's the things i realized—in America, being amazing is exquisite. I always make an effort to tell that to the teen chicks back home in Malaysia. Not long ago i tweeted regarding this—I'm auburn, too, you could end up on my workforce.

And though states that the particular, like most Malaysian girls, just like[s] to be made, Yuna wants a natural take a look that let us her features shine through. First and foremost happen to be those goober pea eyes: Plainly don't have cosmetic on, I just still do my own brows and mascara. (Her favorites: Anastasia Beverly Hills's Brow Powder snow Duo and Urban Decay's Perversion, correspondingly. ) To find lips, the particular keeps information neutral, spinning between hues in NYX's Lip Bra and panty set collection. And she's captivated with Burberry's Pashm foundation—I travelled around M. A. to search for my colour, warm babe. I use that every day. Seems great in the skin, appears great.

For taking care of that skin, So i'm all about SK-II, she says, ticking off the brand's moisturizers, cosmetic remover, masks, and Pitera spray simply because go-to's. And beyond the image surface, Yuna as well swears by simply ulam, a regular Malaysian organic salad made using the leaves of the healing gotu kola plant, plus the more widespread practice of drinking water with fresh citrus every morning hours.

The list of ladies who motivate Yuna's methodology reflects her global point of view: There's Sade (the best woman I've truly ever seen), Gwen Stefani, and Malaysian pop legend Ning Baizura, whom Yuna says have a lack of the typical Malaysian look. I could truthfully relate to her since I used to be 6. Previously, Yuna says, people explained I was awful because of my own lips. Nonetheless I think I just grew away of that and simply embraced my own natural beauty. Used like an icon in the producing.

1/5SK-II Cosmetic Treatment Elixir, $165Photo: Due to SK-II> Vogue could earn reimbursement on these kinds of sales through affiliate programs.

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wholesale Christmas costumes and costume manufacturer

شنبه 7 مرداد 1396

The key Life of Models: Ashley Graham wholesale Christmas costumes About how exactly to build a Oerh? rt bra Empire

So now i am in the changing costume manufacturer room of your fashion toss with Ashley Graham the moment she increases to out to police officer a feel. You may have a cast utomordentligt in! the version, muse, and businessman exclaims, and even though I just morning accomplish one who would definitely commonly outlive other folks a grope, in this case it could possibly all in incredibly good fun—and a day's do the job: Graham, as it takes place, is a bit of bra whisperer. After getting held up because the and also sizes cartel lovely women of all ages for the industry for your multiple years, she's been through to create her own oerh?rt bra and panty set carefully thread with Addition Elle, one that provides plus sizes women numerous. Here, Graham talks about her move stalking behind the camera, the evolving manner sector, plus the step to feeling desirable, no matter what size you happen to be.

Because; the bra and panty establish girl of America, corset skirts sets ' I'm constantly a little bit 65 % bare. Then i called one gain size company in Canada, Addition Elle—I was actually the face in the company to look for five years—and said,; Let's do a big difference! ' There was clearly a conversing, and next factor you know, at this time there seemed to be an agreement developed up and rinoceronte ask rinoceronte thrive! The queue was already to 12 months at this time. It is actually establishing by Nordstrom in September and it really introduced inside the european union.

We all meet the needs of a more substantial breasts, beginning by a 35 DD and going up to a 44 Increase in numbers DD. In April we all intend to contain G; beds and L; beds, which will So so i'm so concerned about mainly because Pondered no clue, non-etheless that marketplace is certainly major. Seriously it is hard to look for bra and panty establish that's either supportive and sexy. Consequently i'm a beautiful lovely girls that wants to utilize transparent a vital with wide lace emerging, and i also urgent necessary that in mysize. The style is probably sexy, encouraging, and upset. I like a few things wild inside the day with zero an individual is aware of that, however when you receive old afterward so many people are gonna find out about that. And then for sure the gentleman would visualize that, so it is respectable to have a minor wild throughout your shirt.

To find sizing, in truth the majority of women of all ages of all ages are applying the wrong size bra. The circumference in the bra can often be too big; while you are pulling it straight down inside the back—it's too large. When you are yourself scooping the chest on a good position—the area is actually big. Should you have a boule major, in the cup—it's also small , and and if straps happen to be slipping straight down the shoulders—you ought to fasten that. Some of those are routine concerns, of course, if any kind of those ideas happen to be happening, you must visit receive sized for your fresh oerh? rt bra.

As i started off inside the plus sizes modeling sector fifteen years ago there was clearly a large amount of young girls who hot-shot companies but it absolutely was not deal with it is now. It could possibly really easily in the past five years so that it has started booming. Now through which big intended for women with curves and shapes, and honestly, these types of, curves, thick chicks, this isn't always a trend—it's here to stay. I recognize people divulge everything attainable waves, out of **Kate [Moss]'**s in the nineties to the types like Cindy [Crawford] and Linda [Evangelista] and now Kate Upton, non-etheless honestly, and also sizes and flexural styles usually are heading everywhere.

Developing up, I used to be advised to admire T. Lo, to Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, mainly because I used to always be curvy as well because some of those young girls had been flexural. However in all honesty, personally you can find do not ever recently been an individual girl that I've genuinely looked to and presumed, I want to discover as her. Anybody who all I just researched for the most was my mom. The particular do not ever lamented regarding being; big girl' and was just simply satisfied with the entire body system that the particular was given. I got myself most of my personal confidence which has a mom who all do not ever explained; I just dislike this kind of or perhaps this kind of. ' It absolutely was just simply,; You need to like the things you contain since it certainly is the only human body that has been of course. ' I recognize that is where a lot of my personal confidence result from. These days I actually do admire Cindy [Crawford] and Heidi [Klum] which have designed this kind of complete disposition surrounding these people. In building, there are so many far more outlets you have access to into, so much more00 to talk about and opportunities to conduct what you may be passionate about—it's not just with regards to being a alternatively girl in a magazine. "

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cheap lingerie sites

شنبه 7 مرداد 1396

In cheap lingerie plus size 35, Britney Spears Is generally Finally Implementing a Grown-Up Wardrobe

Is in fact hard never to feel wistful cheap lingerie sites for Britney Spears's place heyday, while she changes 35. Although Spears has been a constant existence within music, she's do not ever matched the cultural omnipresence she skilled at the turn of the hundred years. For a time, her hits, scandals, and ensembles were inescapable, as proved by the fact that nearly two decades in the future, people continue to think about her since music's teenager king. Her aughts-era closet of harvest clothes, glittery jumpsuits, and bright colored glasses may possibly have got cycled back in trend, but the person whom used them has become incredible. These days, Spears's part is obviously one of mother, seasoned artist, and business maven—a female whom, despite the controversy around her conservatorship, seems to have turn into a well-rounded and content adult.

So just why do buy women suits we continue to keep anticipating her to attire like she is sixteen?

Spears's wildest clothes became well-known there is a valid reason; see-through dresses, latex catsuits, and matchy-matchy denim will be memorable, but they also played to her image just like a teen provocateur. Her the majority of bombastic looks were continuously on company, often seeming like exactly the kind of issue an extroverted teenager with an unlimited finances would dress yourself in.

A previous as wonderful and glitzy as hers is alarmingly tempting to revisit; nevertheless Spears can occasionally get stuck in her own nostalgia trap, regularly choosing outfits that hark back to the first looks that made her famous. In the Billboard Music Awards this season, for example , this girl stepped out in lace beneath garments, an outfit that mirrored the risqué Suono che ricorda quello del flauto & Gabbana a single she'd donned last 2001. Finally year's VMAs, this girl wore a absolutely racy gleaming minidress—replete with smartly located yellow metallic sequins—that was akin to her showgirl stage costumes. Of course , a fun-loving mother of two may unleash her inner vixen now and then, but what seemed sexy on an 18-year-old doesn't continuously read accomplishing this on a developed woman.

Nowadays Spears actually reaches her best when this girl goes for the type of sexiness it's not all about revealing skin. Certainly, the singer's recent outfits have shown her maturity and a daring new fashion perspective. Stepping out in a patterned Saint Laurent baby toy to promote her latest compact disc, Glory, previously this present, Spears was radiant; put on with thigh-high boots and one of her favorite fedoras, the look was 100 percent Britney, and totally current. Related to Carpool Karaoke with Overdue Late Showhost James Corden, she chose a lace Givenchy top and matching pants—the right apparel for a high-fashion sing-along. The one-shouldered dark Julien MacDonald sheath this girl chose on her trip to this year's VMAs was at once showstopping and sophisticated, seeing that was the Cushnie et Ochs dress this girl wore in a press working day for her corset brand. While this girl is not going to constantly have it right, your lady must be applauded for making an effort to go above the teenybopper picture her followers are incredibly mounted on. In fact, Spears warrants a modern clothing that signifies whom she's today, as this girl gets this milestone birthday today, your lady might finally have one.

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womens lingerie stores

شنبه 7 مرداد 1396

A sexy wife lingerie good time to Shop in Seoul? Style Irene Ellie Says Following Midnight

Suitable for the foreign potential buyers and womens lingerie stores publishers who go to Seoul Fashion Week each year, zero trip is certainly complete with out a visit to one of many city's well known night market segments, where hotteok pancakes and also other Korean block snacks live alongside very affordable apparel. There, a great after-hours store shopping spree quite often yields an extraordinary haul of oversize jeans and streamlined faux-fur training collars, but the difficult task of turning your way through others and among the list of narrow timber stalls may be deeply daunting. Enter Irene Kim, the Korean style and block style superstar, who is a professional at browsing through the local shijang—Dongdaemun, in particular, which in turn remains the primary shopping industry. It's the sole place in the earth that I've truly seen where you could shop right up until 5: 00 in the morning dry, she says. Very well, you could be intoxicated. You can get several soju and kimchi hotcakes at the pojangmacha, then choose shop once again! Here, Ellie shares several secrets to shopping evening market such as a local.

Time is everything. lingerie online shopping The financial markets are so great because that they open for 10: 00 p. meters. to the public—when the store shopping startsat 15: 00 l. m., that kind of offers you an idea of what they have like—and that goes for hours, until just like 5: 00 a. meters. It does acquire very congested. Peak period is probably one particular: 00 a. m. —I know, they have crazy, proper? —so I start at regarding 11: 00 p. meters. or even night time.

Dongdaemun MarketPhoto: je5029504> Come well prepared. When you arrive to Seoul, bring a whole lot of bags that one could load up your garments in mainly because you will definitelyfind really entertaining pieces that one could layer with things you own at home. They certainly take charge cards, but they have obviously far better to go with funds. If I pay for cash, I would try to bargain a little bit. They certainly expect that, and they most certainly try to overcharge foreigners, consequently be careful.

Begin from the top straight down. Dongdaemun is certainly multiple flooring surfaces: The primary floor is certainly basic everyday, and then they have men's, can certainly, kids, fashion accessories, shoes. I will start from the most notable at fashion accessories and shoes and boots, and just operate your way throughout the escalator.

Apparent your program. An hour is certainly not enough! You will to could be half a floorboards. Go for for least two or three—there are flooring surfaces and flooring surfaces of clothes, shoes and boots, bags, cosmetic, and then in the middle of the properties are the pojangmacha, which are joints with Korean language junk food.

Gwangjang MarketPhoto: alasynrose> Try to find basics. To the first floorboards, I get yourself a lot of principles. It's genuinely, really cheap—like three tee shirts for $15, so I'm going to get one in every single color. I'm going to pick up tights, knits, plant tops, and denim. You will discover pieces I will mix with designer labels, only to layer up.

Keep it tiny. It's a ultimate solution for you with a few good friends, maybe a couple, because you get weighed down in there. When you are with a population group, you just lose your direction.

Make relationships. Outside the key market, you will discover other properties that only let wholesale. These are the good retailers, but you must travel with an individual in the know to get in—and since they simply allow comprehensive, you have to acquire more than one part. I have this kind of lingerie glide dress i bought in two hues because My spouse and i loved that so much. They have where each of the Korean stores in Hongdae, Garosu-gil, Myeongdong, and even potential buyers from China may come and buy everything—it's huge.

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